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Hi, Jordan here,

With decades of experience in the carpentry game, I've worked on everything from floors to roofing, but my true passion has always been trim carpentry. Alongside my Father, the man who taught me how to swing a hammer and catch a fish, we found a problem. Then we found a solution. The Sawset! Like all carpenters, we spent too much time and wasted materials on finding that exact saw settings for those tricky corners and joints.

Caulking is not always the answer!

We just wanted a basic non-gimmicky affordable tool, one that didn't include math, needed batteries and can fit in our tool belts with ease. With this in mind my father came up with a simple but brilliant idea to reinvent the common protractor! So we joined forces with a few close friends who all believed in the tool as much as we did and made it happen! We're confident Sawset will become an essential in your tool belt, because it's an essential in ours.

Thanks, Jordan Ostachowski

Co-Found of Sawset

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